Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wood File Cabinet

I love to browse other blogs and see what my fellow bloggers are up to.  I then tend to fall in love with some random piece of furniture (my library stairs for example) and it becomes my new Craigslist obsession mission.  So here is the latest.  This is a solid wood file cabinet Michelle at Knot Too Shabby redid...I did not even know these existed!  Beautiful, right??

I am in love!  Nearly every file cabinet I have ever seen is metal.  So my hunt was on.  Imagine my surprise when I found an ad for a Wooden File Cabinet...for free!  I dragged poor Hubby and kids out in the drizzly weather to pick up this:

Nice, huh?  I excitedly opened the drawers and found this:

What?!?  It is like a mutant file cabinet!  Where are the sides and bottoms of the drawers??  Upon closer inspection this is an Ikea wooden file cabinet.  We took it anyway, it was free after all.  I think I am just going to resell this one...I am really quite irritated at it!  I know Mom I should paint it, it would look better, but I really just don't want to!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dining Room Table Redo

I love to look at other bloggers projects and I have seen a lot of dining room tables that have been redone.  Crazy me...I thought that it would be fun to do one myself!

I found this sad Duncan Phyfe table (freebie!), but hesitated because there were no chairs.  Then right down the road, a set of six dining room chairs that were PERFECT for the table popped up for sale for super cheap!  I called the owners and set up a time to call the next day to arrange a pick up.  When I called the next answer so I left a message.  I decided to go ahead and pick up the table.  I picked up a friend to be my co-adventurer...the table was in the backyard of the house and the people had recently moved so they were not home.  While we were picking up the table the chair owners called and I missed it...grrr.  Called them back and no answer.  By the time I finally got a hold of the lady she informed me she sold them.  But they were MY chairs!  I just got the table!  Oh well.  So here is the beat up sad chairless table.  We had to take the legs off to get it in the suburban.

I really wanted to stain the top and paint the bottom white.  I have seen so many table redo's with that combo and love them.  I sanded the top, but there was one big stain that I could not get rid of and there were a few places along the side that needed wood filler.  I used the Kona stain, which is really dark with hopes that it would hide the imperfections, but they showed through.  Plan B, I painted the top black.  Black hides a multitude of imperfections.  I did a little distressing on the white sections. 

I am not real excited with the finished product, probably because it was not what I envisioned to start with...and because I don't have MY chairs!  Hopefully someone will have some chairs that need a table!

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