Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Perfect, I Promise!

It amazes me to read the Craigslist descriptions some people post for their furniture!  One of the questions I always ask when dealing with a dresser is "do the drawers slide well?"  Simple question, right??  Almost everyone says "yes".  Take yesterday's dresser and mirror set.  I was told the damage was just cosmetic, but the drawers and frame were perfect.  Uh, huh.  I had to do some serious repairs to one of those "perfect" drawers.  (I knew this when I bought it, but the price was still right).  Here is another one.  I was told that the drawers slide fine...

Really??  The drawers did not even stay together when they were taken out of the dresser.  Yes, I know I got it anyway...I have plans for it that do not include the "drawers"!

Monday, March 25, 2013

An Antique Dresser and Mirror

Recently hubby went out of town for work and not even five hours after he left I had managed to find an awesome dresser and mirror set to bring home.

It needed a fair amount of work...the bottom and top were chipped, so I filled them in and sanded.  The top drawer was a mess, so I replaced the bottom and then glued and nailed the sides and front back together.  One of the front wood wheels is missing, but it still has the caster so you can hardly tell.  I am going to try and sell it with the wheel missing and later, if I need to replace it, I will.  I found the wheels pretty cheap on eBay.  Anyway, once it was solid again I painted it with a custom mix turquoise...I love this color!

Hey look at that!  She kinda matches one of the nightstands!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Master Bedroom Update

Several weeks ago I found a house full of stuff being given away on Craigslist and told our adopting friends about it and we went and loaded up everything and then they sold most of it.  I had one greedy request...to keep two awesome chairs!  I had been looking for a chair(s) for our master bedroom and these are perfect!

I love all the curves and the seats are extremely cushy!  Here they are all set up...

Yes, that is our heater blanket cord.  I did not notice it until I uploaded the pictures and then it's just too late.  I found the stools at Hobby Lobby.  Someday soon they are getting a new look.  The quilt rack is not permenant...I just need to find something else to go there.  Also, I need stuff on the wall!  I do not know what yet, so it is staying as is until I get some inspiration.  Here is another shot...

Speaking of inspiration...I saw these knock-off sunburst mirrors and found a tutorial and made my own.  It is made with shims and spray painted!  Click here for the tutorial I used.

I really love the way it turned out and it fits perfect over the bed!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

House Exterior Update

For those of you who have followed along from my blog beginning, you will remember our house started out looking like this...

Is that really our house??  Then we got our new roof and new paint and it looked like this...

Now we have one more update to add, besides the new flowers and trimmed trees...

Can you see them?  Solar panels!  We decided our electric bills were completely ridiculous and something needed to be done!  Hubby did all the nerdy necessary calculations and solar was the way to go.  I was hoping that the panels would not be seen from the front, but with 28 panels...impossible.  At least they don't look as bad as I was imagining.  So sun...do your thing! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My New Favorite Blue!

I mentioned in my last post that I have been redoing some furniture for our friends and I have one last piece to share.  I did not get a before picture of this one, but it was a medium brown wood...nice, but kind of plain.  I think it looks so much better with this fresh new color!

The color is Berh Velvet Morning and I love it!  It is a little more turquoise/aqua than the pictures appear.

I left the inside original wood...great contrast with the blue.

I kept all the original hardware and gave the edges a light distressing.

Now I am trying to find something else to paint this color!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nightstands, End Tables, and Side Tables...Oh My!

It seems like I have been redoing alot of nightstand/end tables recently, so I am going to combine them all into this one post.  Ready, set, go!

The first two were for a friend...remember our friends adopting from the Congo?  (you can find their blog here)  We have been busy collecting furniture and redoing/selling it.  These two pieces were donated and I gave them a little facelift.  I do not have before pictures of these, but just picture plain wood.

It is hard to tell from the pictures, but the drawers are pink ombre (the pink fades in brightness from bottom to top).

I lined the drawers with the same fabric I used in daughter's dresser.

Here is the second table...simple white.

I dragged hubby out one night before he even got to eat supper to pick these two freebies up...he was a little hesitant after our last free nightstand offer.

The one on the left I sold as is to the man who bought the pink ombre one above...the pink for his wife and the beat-up one for him.  The one on the right got a beachy make-over with a super cute knob!

I know it's not everyone's style, but it was fun anyway!  And I have one more...my valentine's present from hubby.  ;)  He runs alot in the morning and apparently he passed this little discarded table by one too many times and finally brought it home for me the day before valentine's day...yes he carried it while finishing his run...true love!!

A little black paint and a homemade stencil later...

And now I am out of little tables!  Which one's your favorite?  Mine...I guess it should be the valentine's one...but I do really love the knob on the blue one...

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dining Table and Chairs

After my first dining room table redo I decided I was never painting a table again!  You know what they say about never say never...it all started when I saw this hutch.  I knew the lady was also selling the table and chairs, but all I really wanted was the hutch.  Isn't it cute!!  Anyway, once we got there and saw the table...and she gave me a ridiculously low price, I knew I was going to be painting another table.  Somehow Mom and I managed to fit all this furniture into the back of the suburban.

My first table I had wanted to stain the top, but it was too damaged.  This one was in very good condition, so I sanded it and stained it Kona...a very dark brown.  I love the contrast with the white base and legs.  Check out all the curves!

A little distressing on the legs...

This table went to a super nice couple that also want the hutch.  And I may try my hand at building some bench seating for them as well.  I'll keep you posted.

I sold the chairs separately to another lady.  She started out wanting me to paint her table, but I convinced her she really could do it herself.  =)  I sprayed one of the chairs Aqua and then distressed it.  The other chair I left wood and she plans to paint it black.  Her dining set plan is black table and chairs with this one pop of aqua color.

I'll be working on the hutch pretty soon...stay tuned!