Monday, August 27, 2012

Be Brave, Go Bold!

I finally finished my latest furniture redo, woohoo!  Picture me doing the happy second thought do not picture me doing any dance moves at all, believe me it's not pretty!  :)  Anyway back to my redo.  I found this lovely on Craigslist...(no weirdos this time)

She is going to be my first attempt at fix up and resell.  Wish me luck!

One problem she had was the roll top did not roll very well, it kept sticking.  I read up on fixing a roll top desk and decided the best thing to do was take it out and fix the slats.  This meant taking off the top of the desk and banging one of the side problem.  Here is the roll top laid out.  See how the old canvas is worn.  I replaced it with new.

This was the conversation with Hubby:

Hubby: What is that?
Me: The roll top.
Hubby: You took it out??
Me: Yes.  I'm going to fix it.
Hubby: You know how?
Me: Yep.  I googled it. (that makes me a pro, right?)
Hubby: Will you be able to get it back together?
Me: Hopefully.

Haha!  I did it, but he had to help.

My original thought for painting was to use the Ivory paint that I stenciled on our master entry way table and have black handles and distressing.  When I told my mom this her reply was "hmm, I think you should make it some bright color."  Welllll, I do have this "oops" paint from Lowes, a very awesome blue.  Am I that brave?

Yes, I am!

I was leaning toward black and white knobs and fabric, but once again mom speaks up and here is what we ended up with.

Hopefully someone will see her and love her as much as I do!!

What do you think?

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hi, my name is Lauren and I am a Craigslist-a-holic.  I am always searching for a good deal on some new furniture piece to redo.  The freebies are my first go-to place to search.  So, imagine how excited I was to find a free "night stand".  There were actually two pictured and they were super cute!  To make a long story short I was to make the pick up at a, no!  Now I will be reading secret code messages in every post!  Hubby said "dressers are okay, desks are okay, no more night stands!"  So all you Craigslist shoppers remember there are weirdos out there and be careful!

Now onto one of my latest redos.  I have wanted a side table for our living room couch and found this...

The feet sold me!  Aren't they cute!  She was bright white and in great shape.  I decided to try a new technique I had read about using Vaseline to make the distressing process easier.  I started out by painting the edges black with an acrylic paint...

Then I rubbed a very light coat of Vaseline on the areas I wanted to distress.  I sprayed the entire piece with Heirloom white, same as the coffee table base.  Once it was dry I sanded where the Vaseline was and wahlah!  So much easier!  I love it!!

I sprayed the knobby gloss black and put it all back together...

  Here she is in her place...

And for the fun part...

Yep, green drawer!  How fun is that!

One more exciting purchase recently...

Sanding has become much easier!

I have a new project I am excited to share soon, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Master Bedroom Entry Table

Another furniture redo!!  So here is the story...Once upon a time there was a master bedroom that had an entry way.  This entry way was boring...see for yourself...

So I decided to check out Craigslist for a "something" to put there and found this table...

Not bad for $30, right?  I love the scalloped edges!  It needed some TLC, but I was wanting to paint it anyway so most of the issues would be covered.  Here are the scratches, dings, chips, and missing pieces...

As I was poking at it I opened the drawers and found "Hekman" burned into the wood.  Of course I had to Google "Hekman furniture" and long story short received some information on this table from the good people at Hekman.  This is a 1979 sofa table from the Flanders Collection...retail price in 1979 was $529! 

So now instead of paint brushes dancing before my eyes I had $$!  Our new options were to A) repair all the problem spots, sand it down, refinish it and sell it, B) same as A except keep it, C) forget the Hekman name and paint it anyway.  The reason it has taken so long for me to do anything with this piece is because I could not decide on A, B, or C.

My biggest issue was that I needed to use a fair amount of wood filler to clean up the damaged areas.  My experience with wood filler on Logan's dresser is that it does not stain the same as the rest of the wood.  Also, I was not sure how to fixed the broken piece of the webbing.  Luckily that last picture is on the back side.

After much debating with myself and with Hubby, I went with option C!  So glad I did.  I was able to finish in a couple days (remember all I have is nap time and a few hours in the evening! :).  I wanted a light color...all our furniture is soooo dark.  I also had an idea for the top from one of my favorite blogs, Domestic Imperfection.  She stenciled the tops of a couple tables and I really liked the look.  Check them out here

Here she is painted with Ivory Silk and then stenciled...

I hung up our picture, which will hopefully someday have a frame, and put a few things on her. 

The birdcage is the card holder from our wedding...yes I painted it!  Loving spray paint these days. :)  Any ideas on what to put in it?  So what do you think?  Was C the right choice?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Major Construction

Yes, you read that correctly.  Today we had some major construction going on.  Since all three of the kiddos are sick, we decided to stay home and get some serious work completed.

Believe me this was serious work.  Mommy is serious when it comes to her Lego's!  These are my old Lego's...the real Lego's...the build from your imagination Lego's.  Part way through the "Helicopter" Logan tells me "Mom, we need to read the directions."  Haha...guess he was having a hard time seeing it...

Looks like a helicopter to me.  How about this one...

Daddy's truck...looks like a four-door F150 to me.  And this...

I have no idea.  But it's cool!  Here is the masterpiece...

A castle with two round towers.  The one on the right is the dungeon and I don't know about the other one.

The door to check on the prisoners.

The way cool roof on the smaller tower.  Logan was very worried about the rain getting in. 

Now it is nap time...what else can I build?  ;)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Living Room Curtains

I have been staring at my empty curtain rod and my selected, cut, and pinned fabric for way to long!  All I had to do was get out the sewing machine and get busy.  Actually, the sewing machine was already out so all I had to do was get busy.  I finally did!  Here is a close up of my fabric...

The blue looks kind of bright in this picture, but it is actually more of a grey/blue.  Here it is all finished...

Here is a before and after...

I think they add alot to the room.  Now I just need to get busy on a few pillows for the couch...