Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wood File Cabinet

I love to browse other blogs and see what my fellow bloggers are up to.  I then tend to fall in love with some random piece of furniture (my library stairs for example) and it becomes my new Craigslist obsession mission.  So here is the latest.  This is a solid wood file cabinet Michelle at Knot Too Shabby redid...I did not even know these existed!  Beautiful, right??

I am in love!  Nearly every file cabinet I have ever seen is metal.  So my hunt was on.  Imagine my surprise when I found an ad for a Wooden File Cabinet...for free!  I dragged poor Hubby and kids out in the drizzly weather to pick up this:

Nice, huh?  I excitedly opened the drawers and found this:

What?!?  It is like a mutant file cabinet!  Where are the sides and bottoms of the drawers??  Upon closer inspection this is an Ikea wooden file cabinet.  We took it anyway, it was free after all.  I think I am just going to resell this one...I am really quite irritated at it!  I know Mom I should paint it, it would look better, but I really just don't want to!

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  1. You are so funny Lauren! I just love reading about your- yes it is an obsession-!!!