Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Few Outside Projects

It has been nice and cool recently and so Friday I worked on a couple outside projects.  I remembered this cool planter bird feeder that I found some time ago on Pinterest and decided to try it without the bird feeder.

diy garden
I have a ton of pots like these that were empty because I killed all the plants we moved and I have not done anything with them.  I just needed the rebar, plants, and potting soil.  Here it is...

Does this look Dr. Seussy to anyone else??  Maybe because my pots are different sizes?  Maybe because I did not paint them a cool color?  Don't mind the bricks in the back.  I have not decided if I like it or not.  Hubby just sorta grunted, so I'm not sure if he likes it or not either.  Maybe after the flowers grow a bit?  Remind me to water, okay? 

Here is our front porch with the new pumpkins.  The kids had fun picking them out.

My last project for the day was a total fail.  I had decided to spray our house numbers on one of our flower pots since we do not have them any where else. 
I am a terrible spray painter!  The paint dripped all down the numbers and sprayed where I did not want it.  I am leaving it for now.  It looks fine from the street, just don't look when you get up close.  Lazy, lazy I know.

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