Thursday, October 25, 2012

A keeper

First some exciting news!!  My secretary was featured on Redoux!  Go here to check it out and see her awesome blog!

Now back to our normal post.  Last weekend I found a corner shelf for our living room.  I have been wanting "something" for behind the couch, I just wasn't sure what.  So when I saw this...

I knew it would be perfect.  That last picture really shows the wear on the shelves.  I had been emailing the owner wife, but when I went to pick it up only owner husband was home.  So he brought it over for my mom and me to inspect and says "I don't know what she (owner wife) even wants for this."  Honest Abe me says "$30."  Owner husband looks at the dirty (I cleaned it before I took the pictures above) and very weathered (it had been sitting outside) shelves and says "you want it for $20?"  Yep!  More than I would pay for a redo and sell, but this was for me.  I decided on the same midnight blue and metallic glaze combo I used on my first secretary, check it out here.  I LOVE the way it turned out.


Love this paint/glaze combo!

I know I need to find some more "stuff" to put on it.

I picked up a couple other things this past weekend also so stay tuned!


  1. That is an exciting feature! You're getting famous! =) Your corner shelf looks great! Can't wait to get there and see all this in person!

  2. Congrats! That is VERY exciting. You get the BEST deals and then make them beautiful!!! =)