Monday, January 7, 2013

Homemade Closet Organizer...Let the Organizing Begin!

I started working on New Year's resolution No. 1 today!  If you missed my resolutions, you can check them out here.  The first closet I decided to tackle is in my boy's room.  Here is what we have been looking at for WAY to long... 
Yeah, that's embarrassing!  We have lots of big push cars, one year old toys, and then all the small a big pile.  I decided that we needed levels.  I would love to put a built-in unit in the closet, but they are too expensive at this point.  So, I made my own!  I went to Micheal's and bought two crates like the ones I used to make the truck shelves.  I wanted legs, but had a hard time coughing up over $10 a leg for the size I wanted.  So I bought two stair baluster's instead.  You know those posts that go between the stairs and the railing.  I also bought four little legs pieces that were less than $1.50 a piece. 

Step 1 was to cut the balusters into "legs".

Step 2 I drilled holes and screwed on the leg feet.


My plan was to have the two crates side-by-side, so to make them more stable I shopped our garage and found a piece of wood for the base.  Step 3 I cut it to size and screwed on the legs.

Step 4 I screwed the crates together and then screwed them both to the base.

I had the same blue spray paint I used in the boys' room for the truck shelves and dresser, so Step 5 I sprayed it down.

Then I not so patiently waited for the paint to dry and for my son to wake up from his nap so I could put it to use.  Here it is loaded up and under. 

There is definitely more that needs to be done in this closet, but it's a start! 


  1. Now if it could just stay that way...... =)

  2. Way to find a creative solution! Yes, now if the boys would put each toy back exactly where it was each time... =) At least the toys have a home!

    1. Ha! I'm just not letting them take anything out! :)