Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!!  We have been having some fun family time!  Today was snow day with some friends.  One of the great things about where we a little over an hour and play in the snow and then drive home and put on t-shirts.  Gotta love southern CA!

I have decided to put a few New Year's resolutions in writing this year.  I usually keep them to myself, that way if I cheat no one knows!  I have a whole bunch of stuff that I want to do/not do, but I decided to just pick a few and keep it simple.  So here they are in no particular order:

1.  Get organized.  Our house has a TON of storage areas and they are totally underutilized.  The closets in all the rooms are a disaster!  So, sometime this year I AM going to get it all under control, put together, and keep it that way!

2.  Update my kid's baby books.  I have completely fallen behind...I don't even think I wrote my youngest's name in his yet...he is ONE! 

3.  Take more pictures!  Our kids are going up so fast and we need to be better about snapping the pictures.  On that note...I also want to organize our pictures.  We have them saved by the day they were uploaded and I want to group them by month taken.  I have started this one, but haven't gotten very far.

4.  Get a blog schedule set and have some interesting content...maybe then I'll have more than 8 followers!  ;)

5.  No resolution list is complete without some exercise/lose weight goal, right?  So, here it is...say goodbye to the last 7ish pounds from baby #3.  Meaning, healthier eating and exercise.  We have the P90X program and we did it for a while after baby #2, but never completed the full 3 months.  So maybe this year?  Oh, and I have GOT to cut back on the Diet Coke! 

Okay, good enough for this year! 

How about you?  Any resolutions??



  1. Hah! I have you WAY beat on the baby books. Devin is now 6 1/2 and I haven't started his. =)