Monday, March 4, 2013

Girl's Bedroom Set

I've been getting scolded for the lack of posts recently...sorry!  I promise to be better!  (Haven't I said that before??)  I have been working on LOTS of projects, so I am going to try and post a little about each one over the next few weeks days.

I love the French Provincial style, but have not been able to find any cheapo pieces (you know how I love my deals!).  Until this set came along...

I decided on a homemade chalkpaint in pale green.  I found some super cute fabric and lined the back of the bookshelf and drawer bottoms.  The mirror sadly did not make it though the put-back-together phase in one piece.  I had some extra wood from making replacement drawer bottoms that was the perfect size...then I sprayed it with chalkboard paint.  I thought about putting it in daughter's room, but refrained...I may not have wanted to take it out!