Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School...Homeschool

All I am going to say about the GIANT gap in posting dates is...I've been busy!  I have been painting furniture, playing with the kids, helping hubby remodel TWO of our bathrooms, prepping a quilt for Jenna, planning/setting up for homeschooling Logan (and Jenna since she has to do EVERYTHING big brother does), plus all the normal stuff.

Today is all about our homeschooling!  Why, you ask...because today was the first day!! 

Why are we homeschooling?  Because we want to try it out...see if it is right for our family.  As of the end of today everyone is excited and having fun!  Hopefully that remains the same come Day 100 and Day 180!  We are working through the same school where Logan went to preschool.  They offer an every other week classroom day that we are signing him up for, which will give him some time with other teachers and kids.  We also have park days and field trips scheduled.  There will be lots of opportunities to get together with other kids.

We plan to still send Jenna to preschool next year so that she will have the same experience as Logan.  She does NOT want to be left out this year, however.  So she will work along with Logan for the crafts, activities, science projects, etc.  We are using Math-U-See for our math curriculum and we ordered her the Primer (first level) and Logan the Alpha (second level).  I am not pushing her with her letters...she already know the ABC's, but not sounds or writing.  These she will learn next year.  At this point I am just giving her little tracing printouts.  We will see if they will satisfy her for now.

They were both up before 7am this morning, which is early around here.  Super excited!
Here they are working on their math.  Jenna checking out Logan's progress.

Their first day craft.  This idea came from Miss Kindergarten.
Here is how our classroom is set up.  We are using the eating area next to the kitchen.

And not to be left out...our third little student hard at work!



  1. Just love this Lauren!. You are so organized.. Love the little school area. Cute about Jenna following so closely. You will do great!

  2. Looks like you had fun! Hope they stay so enthusiastic the whole year! =)

  3. Love seeing all the pictures of the first day! The school area looks cute and organized and the kids look excited!