Monday, June 3, 2013

My First Pallet Art

I know there are all kinds of creative things out there that you can do with old pallets.  I have never done any of them.  Mainly because I would rather pick up free furniture off CL than free pallets.  Then the neighbors next to my Mom started getting their house ready to sell and they left a stack of pallets out for me someone to pickup.  The first time I saw them I was with my Mom and a friend and I resisted...convincing myself that they did not really look all that good.  A few days later my Mom had gone out of town and I was taking care of her house.  The pallets were still there.  I casually walked over and took a at first pallet.  The one on top was not the typical pallet I have seen it was smaller and thinner.  Easy for me to quickly snatch and put in the back of the suburban before any of the other neighbors saw.  Ha!  Almost all the neighbors there are busy-bodies so I'm sure they were looking out their windows and saw me.  None of them mentioned it though.  :)  And for the record I love all those busy-bodies...they are they sweetest neighbors EVER!  When we first moved in (Mom lives in our old house) they ALL brought over cookies and welcomed us to the neighborhood.

Anyway, my pallet...

I watered down a mix of yellows and gave it a wash...

Then I attached a few dollar store frames with fabric inside, bottles with greenery, an L for our last name, and of course some knobs.  It is now "wall art" for our bedroom.  Hubby claims to like it...he said it looked kind of industrial.  What do you think?

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  1. cute! I'd love to try something like this.

  2. We got some pallets with really light boards, not quite as wide as yours but what you did would work on it. I like it that it is alot lighter than so many of the pallets, won't pull our mfg. home walls down. So glad you shared this project, it's great. Happy days.