Friday, March 30, 2012

So sore!!  Yesterday I decided to tackle the linoleum glue residue on the laundry room floor.  That is what I worked on ALL day!  I also decided to try nap time at the "new" house.  The younger two had no problem falling asleep and staying asleep for two hours with all the banging and stomping on the roof.  The oldest had more trouble because he always wants to know what is going on and would like to be watching rather than sleeping.  He did manage a half hour nap...good enough for me.  I did not feel nearly as productive yesterday...mainly because we had to leave with this little area of glue on the floor mocking me and my sore arms.  I went back this morning for a little while, but I just had nothing left.  Next week! 

The roofers are still hard at work.  They have all the old tiles off and are replacing some of the boards underneath and the paper.  They will take a break this afternoon till next Monday so that the fumigation can be done.  The tent goes on this afternoon.  We will be sure to get a picture and post it once it is up. 

We are planning to stay away from the house and its poisonous gasses this weekend.  Instead, we will be spending time at the hardware stores looking at paint colors and tiles.  My other project for the weekend is to clean up and paint the outside lights.  We had thought to get rid of them and buy new, but a nice outside light is rather pricey!  So we will see how these look freshened up.  We will put up some before and after pictures when we are done. 

That's it for now...I need to go rest my sore hands so that they will be ready for more scrapping next week!

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