Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yesterday sure was busy!  The roofers began taking down the roof tiles.  They spent all day working on the tile and still did not finish!  I went over this morning to pick up a few things and they were back at it.  They had taken down some of the woodwork today.  The plan is to have the tile and woodwork down and the new wood up by Friday.  Then we can have the fumigation process start Friday and be completed by Monday.  We'll see if it all happens on time!  Here is a picture of the roof as of last night...

We had the pool company come out and get us going with chemicals and a "Having a pool 101" lesson.  Just as they were leaving the key company came and re-keyed our locks.  After that the kids and I spent the morning working on random things inside...some of the must go's!  We took down all the drapes...I am thinking maybe they should go to goodwill.  They are still in decent shape, just dirty and not my style.  The weird panelling I could not leave alone, so it is gone now as well.  Here is the closet without it...

Now I just have to fill in the gazillion nail holes.  I didn't take a picture of it yet, but the pink light switch cover is gone as well courtesy of hubby.  I guess he liked it less than I did.  Also not pictured is the linen closet, in which I removed the linoleum from the shelves.  I had not planned to do it yesterday, but I tried one piece and it came off so easily I could not resist taking the rest down.  Now there is just the glue residue left for me to remove.  That should be fun!  The last project was the linoleum in the laundry room. 

Here it is before

And after

I still need to scrape the glue off here as well, but it was nap time so another day.  Here is the mornings work in summary...

We added the pink light switch and closet linoleum in the evening.  Not to shabby for a morning's work with three kiddos!  Everybody slept great at nap time!


  1. Looking good! You are so talented! 3 kids and tearing all that stuff down? What a difference that made in the closet!

  2. They were rather entertained by mommy's efforts in tearing all that stuff down! I like the closet much better now!