Monday, March 26, 2012

Yeah, finally got the keys!  No more fence hopping or driving to Target to use the bathroom!  I took the kids to meet Robin (our wonderful realtor) at the house late this afternoon and Jon met us there after work.  We made sure to take our before pictures and then got busy.  We now have one clean bathroom and vacuumed carpets.  There will not be much more cleaning for now, since we need to have the house fumigated and then we will be working on the floors.  No sense in cleaning more than you have to!  The kids had fun eating a picnic dinner in the family room with the camping chairs.  Here are a few pictures of the main rooms...

The kitchen is original and will need to be updated, but that is a few years down the road.  I will be happy if we can get the linoleum out of the cabinets...yes, every cabinet and drawer is covered in linoleum, even in the pantry.

Here are the living room and dining room.  There is a step up into the dining room.  I love the chandelier...the one nice thing left in the house!  The floors are hardwood and in decent shape, so they stay.

This is the family room.  The kitchen is on the left.  We want to do something to the fireplace, just not sure what yet.  Let us know if you have any ideas!  Right now it is black brick.  The flat screen hook up and surround sound are going, as is the carpet.  It does not look too bad in the picture, but it is badly stained so we will replace it.

Here are some of the must go's...

The boy's room color!

More linoleum lined shelves.  These are in the linen closet.

Weird wood panelling with hooks in the master closet.  Now if it was cedar it would stay, but since it is some cheap wood that does not smell good...tearing it down!

Pink?  In the master closet...nope, going!

So, tomorrow brings the pool man to check out the system and the roofers to begin taking down the old roof and woodwork.  Till then... 



  1. Yay!! Love all the commentary with each picture. Can't wait to see the inside for real. Remember, I love cleaning! ;) so happy for you!

  2. Good job with your blogging! We're excited to see your progress. You accomplished a lot in the yard already!

  3. They had some very strange taste in decor..... except for the anomaly of a chandelier! I can see LOTS of potential! =)