Sunday, April 8, 2012

The accomplishments of the weekend

With the rest of the family out of town for the weekend, I had lots of opportunity to work on the house and the wife had high expectations for what I would acomplish.  I am happy to report that the acoustic has been removed from all the ceilings that are not vaulted!  On Thursday night I scraped the spare room, Friday night I scraped the Boy's room, and Saturday I scraped Jenna's room.  I do have to confess that I hired someone to help me Saturday (shhhh, don't tell the wife) and he scraped the master bedroom, closet and a couple other areas.  Since he was moving along so well, I moved outside to do some work.  I cut up a tree limb that had fallen down, ground off the metal brackets that used to hold the patio cover posts, hung up the lights on the outside of the garage, and removed the rest of the base boards.

Below are a few photos of the bedrooms with the ceilings scraped.

I am so glad to have that job behind us!  I am going to have a contractor scrape the vaulted ceilings and then he will texture the ceiling in the entire house.

Here are a couple of pictures of the front of the garage with the new lights up.  There is one siding board in the middle of the garage that they haven't put up yet and I don't understand why.  Other than that the garage is all painted.

Hopefully the contractor will finish the roof, siding and exterior paint early this week.  We'll post an update when he is done.

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