Friday, April 13, 2012

Thanks to hubby for filling in while I was helping mom...a guest blogger, how exciting! 

What a transformation from when I left!  The kids and I came home Tuesday and just stopped by to see all the work that had been done while we were away.  The roof was on, the paint was almost done, the popcorn was gone...from the ceilings anyway.  Thursday's job was to clean the popcorn off the floor!  What a joke that was!  All I can say is, it is a good thing we are replacing the carpet.  I tried vacuuming up the popcorn and it would just smear from one side of the room to the other and every time I would pick up the vacuum to move it, it would leave a trail of popcorn like breadcrumbs.  The vacuum looks terrible and I am pretty sure it will never run the same again.

I also started tearing apart the bedroom closet shelves.  Actually, they were already half torn out, I just had to finish the job.

 Here is the before

And the after

This is in the guest bedroom.  There was a pretty nice built-in in Jenna's closet, but it had about an inch on either side that did not touch the wall and there were quite a few bugs/spiders that had taken up residence.  Also, we wanted to have the carpet replaced and the popcorn removed, so we decided to take it out.  I started working on the one in the boys room, but did not finish yet. 

The other project for Thursday was paint testing.  We love the green color in our current guest room/Jenna's room and would like to have it in the new guest room.  The only problem is we are not sure what it is.  I have a paint chip that we think is the color, but there are three different shades and we are not sure which it is.  We bought samples of two of them and after testing them on the wall it must be the third one because those two just aren't right!  How frustrating!  The picture is bad, but here they are...

I went with the kids and selected one paint for the master bedroom, two shades of pink for Jenna's room, and three shades of brown/tan for the main rooms and the boy's room.  Here are the brown/tan...

I do not know what it is about us and paint colors, but we just do not work together!  Master bedroom color too blue, the brown/tan not what we were looking for, and I just gave up and didn't even paint the pink yet.  We may use the far right tan for the boy's room.  It should not be this hard to find a creme/sand color! 

On a happier note, we are hoping to get our new windows and slider tomorrow.  We went over to take down the blinds this evening, but it was too dark to take before pictures.  Hopefully we can do that tomorrow before they are replaced.  I think we mentioned before we are having the three front windows (living room, & two in the guest room) and the family room slider replaced to start.

The roof and painting job is nearly done.  We were hoping that it would be completely this week, but there are a few things left.  The trim around the windows still needs to be painted and a few miscellaneous things need to be reattached (doorbell, pool tools, etc.).  We will be so excited when it is done!   

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