Friday, April 6, 2012

Guest Columnist Reporting News

Home Sweet Home has a guest columnist for the next few days, "hubby" will be posting a few pictures and comments.

The last few days have been spent removing baseboards and the acoustic ceiling from the hallways and bedrooms.

The kids are so helpful.  Here removing baseboards!

A few before pictures of entry way and hallway.

And after my lovely wife scraped them clean.

The kids were very excited to wear their own masks as well.

Now for an update on the exterior.  By Thursday evening all of the facia boards had been painted and the tiles were loaded up onto the roof.  On Friday morning the roofing crew started laying the tile and I was very impressed how quickly they laid them.  By the end of the day Friday everything was complete with the exception of the garage.  They ran short on tile by about 200 square feet so they won't finish the garage until Monday.  Here are a few pictures of laying the tile and what it looked like this evening.

Notice the patio cover was taken down.

You can see the new wall paint color on the stucco in this picture.

This is what the new roof looks like!!

I am very happy with the brown tile and blue trim.  Now I just hope it looks okay once the new paint is on the walls.

The wood siding on the front should be done tomorrow and the rest of the exterior painting as well.  Tomorrow I am going to have more fun taking down the popcorn ceiling in the bedrooms.  I finished 2 bedrooms and have 2 more to go tomorrow.  More to follow!

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  1. Good job on the guest post, "Hubby"! Hope your shoulders and arms are enjoying a break from scraping ceilings!