Friday, July 27, 2012

Promises, promises!!  I know I was supposed to post pictures of Jenna's room yesterday, but I got a little distracted with a new project.  I couldn't help myself, I kept thinking about the dresser in the boys room and finally decided what to do with it.

Before I get to that though I want to show you what my neighbors delivered to us...

Homegrown!  I think fajitas are on the menu soon!  They smell delicious and we were told there will most likely be more coming our way.  Woohoo!

So now onto the dresser.  My mother-in-law must have know I was going to be needing some inspiration because she sent me the perfect article on a couple that uses paintable wallpaper on furniture.  I already love this wallpaper from our master closet project!  Here is the link to the Dumped and Discovered blog (a new favorite!) and the article  I decided to try this method out on the little yellow dresser in the boys room.

Here are the before pictures:

I sprayed the top with a striper and this is what it looked like after a few minutes...

Very cool!  After the striper there was still alot of paint so I tried out the electric sander.  I am not sure I will use it again.  It has some serious power, but it is very easy to make gauges.  Anyway, I survived and the dresser survived.  Here I am working away with the hand sander trying to smooth things out...

They are my work clothes, ok?  Don't judge!  :)  My plan was to stain the top of the dresser and the knobs and then paint everything else the same blue as I used on the crates.

I used the wallpaper on the drawer fronts and attached them with spray adhesive...hopefully they will stay in place for many years!  Then I painted them.

Hubby and the kids were working on their project as well.  Want to see what it was?

Yep, princess!  This was Jenna's birthday present to daddy and Logan's was a race car they painted.  Fun stuff!  Here is my little helper.  She was trying to sand the knobs for me.

Everything is done and waiting to be put back together...

Are you ready?  Here is a reminder...

And now...

I think she is pretty cute!!  I can't wait to get her into the boys room and see how she looks.  Hopefully it will all be dry and ready to go tomorrow.  I will be sure to post some pictures once she is situated.

And now onto the promised pictures of Jenna's room.

We have had those wall hangings since before she was born and this is the first time they have been hung up.

The plates were mine, as was the dresser.  The pink chair is from Grammy.

I want to have some ribbon "holding" the mirror, but I haven't got around to fixing it yet.  Not sure that makes since, but I will post pictures once I have it done.

I think I saw my next project and it's not the mirror, did you??

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  1. Wow!!! Can u come help me!?! That looks awesome! Can't wait to see it in person. (please don't judge the time stamp on this!). :)