Monday, August 27, 2012

Be Brave, Go Bold!

I finally finished my latest furniture redo, woohoo!  Picture me doing the happy second thought do not picture me doing any dance moves at all, believe me it's not pretty!  :)  Anyway back to my redo.  I found this lovely on Craigslist...(no weirdos this time)

She is going to be my first attempt at fix up and resell.  Wish me luck!

One problem she had was the roll top did not roll very well, it kept sticking.  I read up on fixing a roll top desk and decided the best thing to do was take it out and fix the slats.  This meant taking off the top of the desk and banging one of the side problem.  Here is the roll top laid out.  See how the old canvas is worn.  I replaced it with new.

This was the conversation with Hubby:

Hubby: What is that?
Me: The roll top.
Hubby: You took it out??
Me: Yes.  I'm going to fix it.
Hubby: You know how?
Me: Yep.  I googled it. (that makes me a pro, right?)
Hubby: Will you be able to get it back together?
Me: Hopefully.

Haha!  I did it, but he had to help.

My original thought for painting was to use the Ivory paint that I stenciled on our master entry way table and have black handles and distressing.  When I told my mom this her reply was "hmm, I think you should make it some bright color."  Welllll, I do have this "oops" paint from Lowes, a very awesome blue.  Am I that brave?

Yes, I am!

I was leaning toward black and white knobs and fabric, but once again mom speaks up and here is what we ended up with.

Hopefully someone will see her and love her as much as I do!!

What do you think?


  1. I think that is very fun and fresh!! You Googled

  2. Very cool! Someone is sure to love it! I love the color/fabric/knobs combo. Gotta love how Google makes you a pro! =)