Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Master Bedroom Entry Table

Another furniture redo!!  So here is the story...Once upon a time there was a master bedroom that had an entry way.  This entry way was boring...see for yourself...

So I decided to check out Craigslist for a "something" to put there and found this table...

Not bad for $30, right?  I love the scalloped edges!  It needed some TLC, but I was wanting to paint it anyway so most of the issues would be covered.  Here are the scratches, dings, chips, and missing pieces...

As I was poking at it I opened the drawers and found "Hekman" burned into the wood.  Of course I had to Google "Hekman furniture" and long story short received some information on this table from the good people at Hekman.  This is a 1979 sofa table from the Flanders Collection...retail price in 1979 was $529! 

So now instead of paint brushes dancing before my eyes I had $$!  Our new options were to A) repair all the problem spots, sand it down, refinish it and sell it, B) same as A except keep it, C) forget the Hekman name and paint it anyway.  The reason it has taken so long for me to do anything with this piece is because I could not decide on A, B, or C.

My biggest issue was that I needed to use a fair amount of wood filler to clean up the damaged areas.  My experience with wood filler on Logan's dresser is that it does not stain the same as the rest of the wood.  Also, I was not sure how to fixed the broken piece of the webbing.  Luckily that last picture is on the back side.

After much debating with myself and with Hubby, I went with option C!  So glad I did.  I was able to finish in a couple days (remember all I have is nap time and a few hours in the evening! :).  I wanted a light color...all our furniture is soooo dark.  I also had an idea for the top from one of my favorite blogs, Domestic Imperfection.  She stenciled the tops of a couple tables and I really liked the look.  Check them out here

Here she is painted with Ivory Silk and then stenciled...

I hung up our picture, which will hopefully someday have a frame, and put a few things on her. 

The birdcage is the card holder from our wedding...yes I painted it!  Loving spray paint these days. :)  Any ideas on what to put in it?  So what do you think?  Was C the right choice?


  1. Yes, absolutely C was the right choice!! I love it and the ensemble...great job!

  2. Yes, you did good! I like the lighter color as that spot isn't the brightest. But then you know me.....I always like the lighter stuff.


  3. yes you made the right choice and i love the color.It really made the entry way pop !!!!