Sunday, December 30, 2012

What Dresser?

As we were driving down the road this morning I saw what appeared to be a side-of-the-road dresser.  I turned to Hubby and excitedly asked "do you think that dresser is free?!"  Hubby's response "What dresser?"

On our way home we passed it again and I nearly shouted "there!  That dresser!  Do you think it's free??"  Hubby looked at the dresser, looked at me and sped by saying "it looks like someone through it out the window!"  It did too.  It was face down with the drawer pieces in a pile.  I still wanted it.

Probably an hour later I was still thinking about the dresser and told him "I can't believe you didn't want to get the dresser."  Hubby's response "What dresser?"



  1. This made me laugh, Lauren :)

  2. I love your is all about changes...and so far you always make everything I think all your New Years resolutions will turn out well