Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daughter's Big Girl Bed

Wow!  Look at me...two posts in a row...I hope your impressed!  =)  Today I decided to share daughter's "new" bed.  I got this bed way back in November.  Here is the story...

One lovely winter morning I was driving the kids to school and we passed a bed with a "free" sign.  I slam on the brakes, realize I am going to be late if I stop and so keep going.  It did not look very exciting anyway.  Then driving home I had Mom with me and we drove by the bed.  Hmmm, it actually had kinda cool legs.  We turn around and stare at it from across the street.  Neither of us had ever picked up a "curbie" before...guess there's a first time for everything!  It's quite exhilarating picking up a curbie!  Anyway, here she is...

I just stuck her in the garage and hoped hubby would somehow not see her.  He came home and no mention...until dinner.   We are sitting there eating and he turns to me and says "so you picked up that bed.  I saw that bed this morning when I left for work and I just knew if it was still there when you drove by later it was going to end up in our garage."  Me "well how come you did not just pick it up for me then??"  Hubby...the look.  Me...the grin.  We finish dinner.

If you notice in the first picture, the side rails are short...we found this out the hard way.  I had everything painted, hubby and I put the bed together, and it looked good!  I told him I wanted to just put our guest room full bed on it to make sure it fit okay...HA!  Too small.  Since this is an antique bed the side rails are for a smaller mattress.  A 3/4 full mattress would work great.  Only problem...they are over $500!  So Dad came for a visit and we put him to work!  We made new side rails that would fit a standard full mattress.  Here are the boys hard at work...

And here they are celebrating bed rail completion with some cheesecake...ahem...at 10:30 in the morning! 

Then we had to put it together and test it out in daughter's room...

Yep, we still have the dresser...in fact, it is off the market.  I had one lady interested and when I told daughter we might be selling her dresser she cried.  And that was that.  These are the mattresses from our guest bed and they are WAY to big.  I think they are taller than daughter!  So the bed was taken down and put away for awhile until we got a smaller mattress.  That happened yesterday...thanks friends!  ;)  This morning I took apart the crib and set the big girl bed back up.

I think she likes it!  And yes, if you look real hard you can see tiny daughter in the big girl bed.  The white dresser was mine growing up and will eventually get a makeover...someday.

This pink chair also needs a face lift...someday.

Finally I got her off the bed for one picture!  Another someday I'll make her some bedding.  Until then we'll make do.

Now we just need to find big brother a big boy bed!

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