Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We're in!  We're a mess, but we are in!  Saturday was the big move.  Hubby and I loaded most of the house Friday night and then some friends came and helped us out Saturday morning.  The kids were very excited about the big truck!

Starting out!

The end!

Yes, he was on the ramp pretty much the ENTIRE time!  Good thing we decided to get the 26 footer cause we never would have made it in the 17 footer.

Ugh...the fun begins, or continues.

Hubby told me to get busy and I told him to go fly a kite, so...

Haha!  We decided to take Sunday afternoon off and have some fun with the kids.  Logan loved the kite flying!  Jenna was not very impressed and played on the toys instead.  Sunday night and Monday it was back to work and by very late Monday night or very early Tuesday morning here's what we were looking like...

Ahhh...much better!

We decided to make the eating area a play area for the kids, so here is their setup.

The pantry.

Today I cleaned one of the bathrooms, cleaned and organized the wet bar closet, and put the guest room together.  You only get pictures of the guest room since the others really are not that exciting.

Who's going to be the first to test it out?!

Did I mention that our dishwasher has quit working?  We are putting off having someone come look at it in hopes that it will change it's mind and resume it's duties.  Until then I have a replacement...


  1. I love all of this! Glad kite flying was a success for at least one kid! Your dishwasher missed a spot... ;) the house looks great, can't wait to see all of your progress in person tonight! Hope we remember to go to the right house!

  2. It is great. And eventually Joyce and I won't be to far away......hugs from your old worker Reta

    1. Thanks Reta! We would love to have you anytime!

  3. Looking good! We want to come see it and all of you!!