Monday, May 21, 2012

Here is the picture of the completed master retreat as promised.  Love it!

Also, here are the baseboards hubby put up in the hallways last night...

I worked on carpet removal stuff!  I was able to take out all the carpet in the master bedroom and master closet.  I still need to scrape the glue patches, but I vacuumed all around the tack-strips.  As I said, fun stuff!

I also cleaned the kitchen island, more fun stuff!  Note to tile counters when we do the kitchen remodel (not anytime soon).  What a pain to clean!  Especially after not being cleaned for so long.  Started with wet paper towels, then a round of 409 with a rag, then Soft Scrub with bleach and one of those green pads, then another wet rag.  I finally feel like it is somewhat clean now.  I think tomorrow I may need to go over it with the 409 again.  I also wiped the island cabinets inside and out.  No wonder the day went by so fast with all the fun I was having!!

Grandpa flew out today to help this week, so he and hubby started on the tile.  They were able to finish laying the tile in the two main hallways.  It looks beautiful! 

Deciding on the layout.

About halfway down the big hallway.

We decided to put the 2 inch tiles in the doorways.  I really like how they turned out!  This is the laundry room doorway.

Hallway to the master bedroom.


Tomorrow they are hoping to lay the tile in the linen closet, laundry room, and other hallway.  If they have time they will start grouting these halls, but it is Logan's birthday so we are having a little dinner for him.  No working late! 

I plan to have more fun the family room carpet!  We do plan to remove it, but not until after Memorial Day since alot of the family will be here.  So, we decided to try and get as much of the dust & who knows what else out of it for the time being.  If I am lucky, maybe I will get to scrub some more of the kitchen!  Actually this will be my real fun...

Hubby finally gave the go ahead to get some flowers for the front flower bed.  We wanted to wait until we had the sprinklers set up and then he dug up the bed a bit to get rid of the weeds.  So tomorrow I get to have some flower time!  Yay!!


  1. Wow!! That tile looks really beautiful! You are sure making some progress. I KNOW that feels great! =)

  2. Love it all! It's looking so great