Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The productivity continues!  Today hubby and grandpa finished the remaining hallway, laundry room, and linen closet...

Tomorrow the grouting is to begin and hopefully finish!

I did not get as early a start as I had planned.  A trip to Lowe's was in order to pick up some more of the 2"x2" tiles.  That was the original list.  You will have to use your imagination for this picture of me trying to navigate through the store and to the car with the final purchases and kids.  So on the flat cart was the following:  Lucas in his car seat, three plants, two bags of mulch, one roll of weed barrier, three pool noodles, a 25lb of grout, a 50lb bag of thin-set, three boxes of 12"x12" tiles (10 tiles in each box), three sheets of the 2"x2" tiles, and a welcome mat.  Jenna and I were the cart pushers.  Who knows what the other shoppers and employees were thinking...she's crazy, overly ambitious, etc. 

The only inside cleaning I accomplished today was to vacuum some of the family room.  Here was my main project...

The blank slate:

The finished product:

They are so cheery!

Here is the new Welcome mat...

Now you all know you are welcome to visit...just beware you may be given a job!  :)

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  1. Love seeing this week's progress! I've been thinking about your work there through the week! It's looking so good! Excellent work on the wood floor, tile, and flower bed. I really like the 2x2 tiles in the doorways...nice touch. Wish we could be there to help this weekend!