Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Well, I am back to just me and my three "helpers".  I think the production week was a success!  Here are some pictures of the baseboards up and painted...

Family Room

Guest Room Hallway

Guest Room

Main Hallway

Boys' Room

Jenna's Room

Master Bedroom

Washer and Dryer ready to go!  Yes, we are using Bounce as a door stop...hey, whatever works!

We are hoping to have the carpet installed on Thursday.  We also put some stuff in the master retreat...

This is not the final layout! 

My favorite project completed is the master closet...well it is not completed yet.  I still have to paint the shelves.  So remember that lovely panelling?

Which was then removed.

And now...are you ready?!

Beadboard wall paper...I am in love!  Okay, so you can't see it that great in this picture.  The lighting is terrible in the house at the moment.  How about these?

I am already planning where I can use it next!

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