Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yay!!  The main rooms are finally painted!  We decided on a light tan for the walls and a very dark brown for the beams.
Dining room

Living room


 Living room again

 Family room

Wet bar

Monday morning my mom, grandma, the kids, and I went and bought some tester colors for the bedrooms.  Then when hubby came home from work, we made final decisions and then went and bought them. 

Today we (mom, grandma, kids, and me) washed, filled in nail holes, and painted the hallways.  They are the same color as the main portion of the house.  We prepped the laundry for painting Thursday and did some yard work.  Here are the hallways...

Hallway to guest room

Hallway to the rest of the bedrooms

Here are the yard efforts...



Work in the yard is very exciting because we never know what may be hiding under all the weeds!  Here are a couple of our finds this week...

This flower is on a climbing vine on one of our palm trees.  Any ideas as to what it is?  I am planning to keep it and just trim it so that it does not take over the palm.  Very cool looking!

Yes, that is a tomato!  There are tons of the tomato vines, so I am planning to cut them back to a manageable area.

I am planning to go to the house early tomorrow to fill another yard bin...we'll see if I uncover anything else!


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  1. Wow - so much accomplished! And you've been busy since convention! You'd better take a break to prep for a birthday party! =) The color combo looks great; I like the dark beams. How nice to have all those tomatoes!! (and to have the weather that makes them ripe right now!) That is a very cool looking flower...wish I had an idea what it is.