Saturday, May 19, 2012

I realized after I began updating the blog for yesterday and today's work that I am quite behind and need to catch up first.  My excuse...I have been sick and am just now starting to sound and feel better. is what I have been working on...

Painting the guest room...we decided on Brown buzz, which is actually a shade of green.  We painted this color in the guest room and in the master bedroom.  Love it!  The pictures do not do it justice!

Since these pictures I have also pulled up the carpet.  No picture for that.  Here is Logan "helping" paint the master bedroom.

Perhaps the biggest change...

The boy's room is no longer orange and pink!  It is now a lovely creme.  Ahhh, so much better!

He was so pleased to get to paint his room.

We pulled up the carpet in the master retreat...

We packed up and moved the first load of stuff...

We started filling the back of the suburban with stuff each time we go over to the house.  Yesterday hubby came home from work and spent several minutes staring at our room before asking what I had taken...the two lamps and a flower decoration.

After my mom and grandma left I had to find a new babysitter...thanks Uncle Troy, Auntie Lisa, & Braden for the bubble babysitter!!

OK, now we are up-to-date...on to yesterday and today...

We have begun the "big production" week...Jon took off this coming week and we have a bunch of projects lined up.  Here is the list:

Lay wood floor in the master retreat
Lay tile in the hallways, linen closet, and laundry room
Tear out all carpet
Put up and paint baseboards
Paint Jenna's room
Paint closets
Clean enough to house some of our family for Memorial weekend

Ha!  Think we will get it all done??  Wish us luck!  We already have the first item completed it is a good start.  Last night we laid the wood floor with the help of some friends!

This was as of last night.  You may be wondering why we left such a little area unfinished.  We had bought five boxes of wood and this was using four of them...grrr!  This is the same flooring we have in our other house and we had hoped that we had enough remaining there to finish the last two rows.  Another grrr...we only had three pieces!  That got us one more we had to open the last box for one row!  Oh well.  Now I am thinking to maybe use the remaining wood in the guest room closet...I have big plans for that closet, but I'll save that for another day!  This morning we finished the last few rows, put up the baseboards, and glued on the molding...and I forgot to take a picture!  Tomorrow or Monday I will post one, I promise!

We worked on yard work for the rest of the is the big worker!

For those of you it is not real!   

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  1. Wow - big progress! So glad you're feeling better! Glad the gazillion bubbles machine is doing its job. Wishing you great productivity this week... =)